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Metal Sheet Cutting Machine with 6m Pipe Cutting System

Item No.: RLS3015C-T60-1000W
3X1.5 meters metal sheet cutting table with 6 meters tube cutting table can greatly increase your cutting jobs and save your cost!
Appliable Industry:
Sheet metal processing, die-cutting board processing, electronics, aerospace, machinery, elevators, automobiles, ships, tools processing, subway accessories, oil machinery, craft gift, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other processing industries.

Technical Data of 1000W Machine:

Technical spec

Standard Data

Total weight


Total Power


Laser Type

Fiber laser

Maximum Cutting Thickness

Sheet:12MM Mild steel, 6MM Stainless steel
Pipe: 8MM Mild steel,4MM Stainless steel

Effective Cutting size

Sheet:1550x3080MM Round Pipe:20MM-200MM
Square Pipe:170MM*170MM

Sheet Cutting 
X.Y Axis Drive system 

Rack and Pinion mode, Japan Yaskawa Servo system
X 1.3KW Y1 Y2 1.8KW

Tube Cutting 
W,Y Axis Drive system 

Rack and Pinion mode, Japan Yaskawa Servo system
W1 W2 1.3KW Y 1.8KW

Laser cutting head Drive System

Ball screw mode, JapanYaskawa servo system 400W

Laser cutting head lifting distance


Cutting Parameter of 1000W Machine:
Material Thickness(mm) Cutting Speed(mm/s) Gas
Carbon Steel 1 180 Oxygen
2 120 Oxygen
3 50 Oxygen
4 40 Oxygen
5 25 Oxygen
6 20 Oxygen
8 16 Oxygen
10 12 Oxygen
12 10 Oxygen
Stainless Steel 1 330 Nitrogen
2 130 Nitrogen
3 50 Nitrogen
4 25 Nitrogen
5 15 Nitrogen
6 8 Nitrogen
Al 1 200 Nitrogen
2 100 Nitrogen
3 30 Nitrogen
1 200 Nitrogen
2 100 Nitrogen
3 30 Nitrogen

Cutting Samples: