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Precision CNC Bending Machine

Item No.: RLB-1003
Precision CNC Bending Machine RLB Series - Hydraulic Drive System
Mixing power system with AC servo motor for oil pressure control, speed and limit can be set arbitrarily.
It has the advantages of stable pressure output, high precision, high speed, low maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Six Characteristics:
First, Stable
The oil temperature changes within 24 hours of continuous operation does not exceed 8 °C, so that the angle of the bending machine is continuously stable;
Second, Power Saving
The oil-electric mixing drive mode consumes power only when pressurized; and according to the size and thickness of the workpiece, the power consumption can be automatically adjusted, and the standby power consumption is less than 3% of the total power;
Third, Environmental Protection
The fuel tank requires only 21 liters of hydraulic oil, which is 1/4 of the amount of conventional hydraulic bending machine;
Fourth, high precision
Depth control up to 0.006mm;
Fourth, Diversification
Multi-axis and high-sensitivity AC servo motor drive, high-precision slider movement, micro-level positioning accuracy can process more complex parts, realizing high speed, high precision and high stability;
Sixth, Humanization
The human-machine interface is as easy to learn as using a smartphone, and novices can get up and running quickly.

Item/Model RLB-3513 RLB-1003  RLB-1003A5
Capacity 35T 100T 100T
Bending Length 1300mm 3100mm 3100mm
NO. of Axis 3 axis(D,L,Z) 3 axis(D,L,Z) 5 axis(D,L,Z,X1,X2)
Approach Speed 120mm/s 120mm/s 120mm/s
Bending Speed 0.2~20mm/s 0.2~20mm/s 0.2~20mm/s